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    We provide industry clients and investors with focused and timely data and analysis
    on smartphone, tablet, and wearable sales in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Recent Insights into the Smartphone Industry

About Us


BayStreet Research is an independent research boutique that provides investor and industry clients with primary research on the mobile device industry. In 2003, our founder, Cliff Maldonado, left a sell-side analyst role on Wall Street to launch BayStreet Research in San Francisco, CA. Our data-driven research offers early, objective and unbiased analysis on more than a dozen companies.

Measure, Analyze, Predict

BayStreet Research provides timely data and insights to allow our clients to measure and analyze current and future trends. Our mission is to provide the earliest read on the fundamentals that drive intelligent decisions.

What We Do

For Industry Leaders

We help product managers and senior executives to understand sales trends and competitor performance, to see emerging trends, and to capture future opportunities.

For Investors

We leverage proprietary and exclusive data sets to arm investors, hedge funds, and venture capitalists with early insights into the emerging trends that may impact future company performance.

For Data Partners

We help companies to monetize their existing consumer behavior data sets, reaching investor and industry clients to create incremental revenue streams.

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