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Motorola embraces multiple carriers for launch of Moto Z2 Force

“It will be interesting if the Motorola brand and accompanying marketing campaign for the Moto Z2 Force, coming across all carriers, can compete more effectively in the premium tier than LG has in the last few years,” Cliff Maldonado of BayStreet Research told FierceWireless in an email. “We are cautiously optimistic for the new Motorola devices as they too still have to compete with the iPhone and an aggressive Samsung.” Read More

Wall Street Journal

Apple Tests the Faithful

"Another wrinkle is that the new design is widely expected to cost a lot more--with a starting price rumored at more than $1,000. That is more in line with some of the company's MacBook computers, and it would make the new iPhone the most expensive phone ever in the U.S., according to Cliff Maldonado of BayStreet Research."

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Apple’s rumored iPhone delay could help cut carriers’ Q3 postpaid smartphone sales by 11%

"BayStreet Research recently predicted that, partly due to the rumored delay in the new iPhone’s availability, U.S. iPhone sales will fall roughly 10% in the third quarter of this year when compared with the third quarter of last year."

“With the increasing likelihood of a delayed launch of the OLED variant of the three iPhones launching this fall, we have adjusted our 2H17 forecast,” BayStreet noted in a recent report, explaining that fully 40% of new flagship iPhone sales could be pushed into the fourth quarter of 2017. “We believe lost sales will be minimal as long as the delayed device launches before mid-November. However, losses could increase meaningfully if Apple were to miss the Black Friday promotion period.” Read More

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Actual Pixel sales closer to 1.8M, according to BayStreet

"But fresh estimates from BayStreet Research indicated the Pixel may be selling at significantly higher rates.... The market research firm pegged the total number of Pixels sold since its launch at nearly 1.8 million, with 475,000 likely to be sold in the second quarter of 2017." Read More


Android’s Creator Wants To Shake Up the Smartphone Industry. Again.

"The Phone will be sold directly to consumers, but, according to BayStreet Research, more than 92% of U.S. phone buyers today buy their device through their mobile carrier, so Rubin might have a tough task getting the masses to buy in." Read More


Galaxy S8's Speedy Success Should Satisfy Samsung

"BayStreet Research has been looking at US sales (reports Fierce Wireless). Although the Galaxy S8 family has not had as much success as in South Korea, overall handset sales are broadly similar year-on year. The research does note that Sprint has seen a thirty percent increase in sales of the S8 and S8 plus, compared to a drop for T-Mobile and no growth on AT&T or Verizon - given that Sprint was the only carrier to offer a significant promotion with the Android flagship." Read More

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Win A Galaxy S8 From Sprint With A Little Help From Your Pet

“While we were expecting slightly more aggressive GS8 promotions y/y, T-Mobile preferred to remain on the sidelines, allowing AT&T & Verizon to offer relatively weaker GS8 launch promotions vs last year,” said the research firm." Read More

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Due to restructuring, HTC won’t launch another flagship phone in U.S., analyst predicts

"Maldonado said that last month HTC laid off much of its field sales force, which means the company doesn’t have the staffing necessary to sell a major smartphone through all of the nation’s top wireless carriers. As a result, Maldonado said the company will likely move back into an ODM business model, where it will design devices for specific customers like Google and Sprint rather than designing its own flagship phones and selling them through as many carriers as possible." Read More

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BayStreet: 70% of Galaxy Note 7 owners will stick with Samsung.

"“We believe the vast majority (70%) will remain with Samsung and likely choose a Galaxy S7 device alternative,” BayStreet wrote in a recent note. “The second, and more difficult variable, is what percentage of switchers are willing to leave the Android ecosystem. Note customers are aspirational and value premium brands, and thus the iPhone could certainly appeal to them. However, Note customers are also among Samsung's most loyal." Added BayStreet: “Our base case assumes roughly half of switchers (or 15% of total) will choose an iOS device, which equates to only a 200-300k increase to 4Q16 iPhone sales." Read More

Wall Street Journal

China’s LeEco to Sell Smartphones, Smart TVs in U.S.

"Cliff Maldonado, principal analyst at BayStreet research, said LeEco’s phone is attractively priced, but there is little to differentiate the phones from rivals—and said the content package wasn’t attractive enough to make up for that shortcoming." Read More

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 sales were up 25% over last year’s model - prior to recall

"According to BayStreet Research, the Galaxy Note 7 was “off to an excellent start” in the United States when it was first released last month, enjoying 25 percent higher sales than its predecessor.... “This is very unfortunate for Samsung as the Note 7 was in a position to perform as well as the GS7/GS7E had in the first half of the year,” BayStreet’s Cliff Maldonado told FierceWireless." Read More

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Apple warns of limited iPhone 7 supplies ahead of tomorrow's retail launch

"That demand is being fueled by aggressive marketing campaigns from mobile network operators eager to use the device to grow their subscriber bases. BayStreet Research’s Cliff Maldonado said recently that the phone is enjoying “unprecedented” promotional support from all four major U.S. carriers. UBS analysts echoed that sentiment, adding that strong carrier demand for the iPhone could weigh on industry margins as competition ramps up." Read More

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ZTE’s U.S. smartphone chief predicts growth in unlocked phones, reacts to iPhone 7

"Measuring the size of the unlocked phone market in the United States is not an exact science. For example, BayStreet Research said roughly 15 percent of smartphones are sold unlocked and not tied to a specific wireless carrier, while Strategy Analytics said that figure could be as high as 40 percent." Read More

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iPhone 7 receives ‘unprecedented’ promotions from U.S. wireless carriers, analyst notes

"The offer, according to BayStreet Research’s Cliff Maldonado, is “the most aggressive we have seen for a new iPhone at launch.... Maldonado said BayStreet estimates roughly 19 million consumers purchased an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in the United States in the three months after the device went on sale two years ago, and “thus could have a fully paid off iPhone and benefit the most from this promotion.” Read More

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Why Huawei’s latest smartphone, Honor 8, is getting a cold shoulder from U.S. wireless carriers

But let’s be clear: Any smartphone vendor would be pleased to get U.S. carriers to sell its smartphones. According to BayStreet Research, wireless carriers control roughly 85 percent of smartphone sales in the United States, and Apple accounts for a good portion of the remaining unlocked, non-carrier smartphone market. “We doubt the unlocked market is poised for much growth outside of Apple,” BayStreet’s Cliff Maldonado told me. “The carriers offer too much value in their ‘showroom’ stores.” " Read More

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HTC’s U.S. sales fall 25% in July, but Desire 530 offers a ray of hope, BayStreet finds

"BayStreet offered a positive outlook on HTC’s new Desire 530, an update to the company’s low-cost Desire 626s that is primarily sold through various U.S. prepaid operators. The Desire 530 “should help regain share in 2HQ3,” BayStreet noted in a recent report." Read More

PC Magazine

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Coming Aug. 2

"The Galaxy Note 7 comes at a good time for Samsung. The Galaxy S7 outsold the Galaxy S6 in its first few months of release, and between the two of them, Apple and Samsung now control 91 percent of the US postpaid smartphone market, according to BayStreet Research." Read More

PC Magazine

Apple, Samsung Own 87 Percent of U.S. Postpaid Phone Sales

"Apple and Samsung between them now own 87 percent of postpaid sales at the big four national U.S. carriers, according to new stats from principal analyst Cliff Maldonado at mobile-focused research firm BayStreet Research." Read More